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The Technotill Seeding System:
Applications and Benefits:

The seeding tool consists of a narrow opener with a seedtube attached to the front of a C-shank, and a Precision Packer bolted behind each shank.

The Technotill Seeding System may be used on any heavy-duty cultivator that uses a heavy C-shank and heavy-duty trip mechanism (Minimum 450 lbs).

The Technotill Seeding System is used when seeding cereals, oil seeds, pulses and grasses.

Any fertilizer may be used with this system: granular, liquid or anhydrous ammonia. A blend of fertilizer can be placed with the seed and, after the seed row is packed, additional nitrogen can be sidebanded away from the seed.

The Technotill Seeding System is used to direct seed into sod.

The revolutionary benefit of the Precision Packer is control of the amount of moist soil packed over the seed at the bottom of the furrow. Precision packing means that 1/4-1/2 inch of moist soil is packed over the seed.
Download Technotill Seeding System Installation Manual

1. Excellent germination in dry or wet conditions REVOLUTIONARY! PACKING WHERE IT COUNTS!

Precision pack 1/4"-1/2” thick at the bottom of the furrow ensures seed to soil contact .


Seed packed in moisture + ‘unfractured’ seedbed = fast and even germination

  • Fast even germination
  • High percentage of seeds germinate
  • Seed to moisture in dry conditions
  • Don’t overpack in wet conditions

2. Control costs
  • Low maintenance

  • Durable construction & materials

  • Seed and fertilize in one pass

  • Direct seed into sod

3. Increase returns


4. Protect the environment
  • Reduce soil disturbance and erosion

  • Improve soil quality

  • Reduce fuel consumption

Two neighbouring dryland canola fields, near Bulyea, SK.
(Photographed the same day).
Seeded with an air drill
Seeded with the Technotill Precision Packer

Packing Where it Counts